About Happy Hour LA

From the former owner of Studio 54, Tatou Supper Club and the Century Club

Los Angeles has a ton of options when it comes to dining out and cocktails.

We all lead busy lives and cooking at home every night isn’t always an option. Of course, eating out every night can be pricey.

That’s how Happy Hour LA was born. Mark and Mimi Fleischman, owners of the Bar Method Studios in West Hollywood, West LA and Brentwood, have over time become conisseurs of great Happy Hour Deals.

They found with a little resourcefulness it was easy to find deals on Happy Hour that easily allow two people to dine out well with cocktails and wine for two for about $50.

We’re not talking greasy bar food either.  We’re talking about some of the best gourmet offerings Los Angeles has to offer in places with cool vibes.

The trick is knowing where to go, what the best deals are for food and drinks, and which bartender to ask for.

We’re doing this because after bringing friends to share happy hours, many of them have asked us to tell them about all the other Happy Hour Deals we enjoy in Los Angeles.  Mark and Mimi  have 15  regualr bars/restaurants they currently frequent from West LA to Hollywood and expect to find more!

Mark and Mimi will share all of that on Happy Hour LA.

Please send us any of your Los Angeles area Happy Hour recommendations for us to try and pass along. Comment here or email us at happyhourlaca@gmail.com.

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Our Happy Hour LA recommendations will start on Tuesday, January 17, 2012!