Cool Atmoshpere at the Next Door Lounge

The Next Door Lounge

1154 N Highland Avenue

You’re greeted by an older gentleman dressed in a bowler and spats who is known as the “Chief Constable.” The Next Door Lounge is reminiscent of a well-appointed French brothel with a very comfortable horseshoe bar surrounded by couches and tables.  The place

Here’s the Deal

Happy Hour: Tuesday through Thursday 5-8pm and Midnight-1:30am, Friday 5-8pm

What to Drink:  $4 beer and wine, $5  for cocktails including the Moscow Mule, and daiquiri and  and for $6 Whiskey Sour. Our “fancy” Ketel One martini was $7.

What to Eat:  We had the arugula salad and bay shrimp ceviche  each for $5 and the wonderful pulled pork sliders for $6.  We should have also gotten the spinach and goat cheese wood-fired pizza and the grass-fed beef sliders (both $6) which looked great.

Bartenders to Meet:  The bartender, Shea, is a great looking cool mixologist who I thought was an actor, but actually he’s a snowboarding champion. Strangely enough, even with his broken arm, he was able to flip bottles while mixing drinks and he makes the perfect stirred martini.

Parking: Valet and meters that we were able to find on a nearby side street.